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Children of Men (2006)


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Plot  In 2027, after 18 years of global human infertility, civilization is on the brink of collapse as humanity faces the grim reality of extinction. The United Kingdom, the only stable nation with a functioning government, has been deluged by asylum seekers from around the world, fleeing the chaos and war which has taken hold in most countries. In response, Britain has become a militarized police state as British forces round up and detain immigrants. Theo Faron, a former activist turned cynical bureaucrat, is kidnapped by a militant immigrants' rights group known as the Fishes. Their leader turns out to be his estranged American wife Julian Taylor, from whom he separated after their son died from a flu pandemic in 2008.

Julian offers Theo money to acquire transit papers for a young refugee named Kee, which Theo obtains from his cousin Nigel, a government minister. However, the bearer must be accompanied, so Theo agrees to escort Kee in exchange for a larger sum. Luke, a Fishes mem...



Clive Owen
Theo Faron
Julianne Moore
Julian Taylor. For Julian
Michael Caine
Jasper Palmer
Pam Ferris
Oana Pellea


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Children of Men
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