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Walker (1987)

95 min.
Plot  In 1853, soldier-of-fortune William Walker (Ed Harris) flees Mexico after a failed attempt to incite an armed insurrection. He is placed on trial by US officials, but wins acquittal on breaking the Neutrality Act. Walker believes in Manifest Destiny and has plans to marry and start a newspaper until his fianceé Ellen Martin (Marlee Matlin) dies of cholera. Financed by American multimillionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt (Peter Boyle), Walker and 60 mercenaries embark on a mission to overthrow the Government of Nicaragua, to secure Vanderbilt's rights over an overland shipping route between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Walker and his corps score a bloody victory in Nicaragua and when the capital falls, Walker allows the President to stay in charge, but takes his mistress, Doña Yrena (Blanca Guerra). With increasing disruption in the country, Walker orders the President shot and assumes the presidency for himself. From 1855 to 1857, his actions as president become increasingly manic and ...



Ed Harris
William Walker
Richard Masur
E. G. Squier
Rene Auberjonois
Major Siegfried Henningson
Keith Szarabajka
Timothy Crocker
Sy Richardson
Captain Hornsby
Xander Berkeley
Byron Cole
John Diehl
Peter Boyle
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Marlee Matlin
Ellen Martin
Alfonso Arau
Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon
Gerrit Graham
Norvell Walker
William O'Leary
James Walker
Blanca Guerra
Doña Yrena
Miguel Sandoval
Parker French
Kathy Burke
Annie Mae
Bennet Guillory
Achilles Kewen
David Hayman
Father Rossiter
Dick Rude
Biff Yeager
Max / Carpetbagger


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