Evita (1996)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

134 min.
Plot  ''Evita'' portrays the life of Eva Duarte (later Eva Duarte de Perón) from a child of the lower classes to becoming the wife of Juan Perón and First Lady and spiritual leader of Argentina. Eva's death is announced in a movie theater and a public funeral is held in Buenos Aires. Che, an Everyman, narrates the story of Eva's rise to power and later illness and death. He appears in many different guises and serves as Eva's conscience and critic. As a young illegitimate child, Eva tries to attend her father's funeral in the town of Junín with her mother and siblings. Her father's wife and other family deny her family's permission to enter, but Eva pays her last respects to her father. Years later, Eva decides to leave Junín to seek a better life in Buenos Aires with a tango singer, Agustín Magaldi, with whom she is having an affair. After Magaldi leaves her, she goes through several relationships with increasingly influential men, becoming a model, actress and radio personality. S...  



Evita Perón
Jonathan Pryce
Juan Perón
Jimmy Nail
Agustín Magaldi
Olga Merediz
Bianca Duarte
Peter Polycarpou
Domingo Mercante
Gary Brooker
Juan Atilio Bramuglia
Andrea Corr
Juan's mistress
Alan Parker
Tormented film director
Billie Piper
Girl wanting Juan's autograph (uncredited)


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