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Dorothy Mills (2008)


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Plot  Jane van Dopp (Carice van Houten), a psychiatrist in mourning after the accidental death of her son, is assigned the case of Dorothy Mills (Jenn Murray), a 15-year-old girl from a small Irish island, accused of attempting to murder a baby while babysitting.

The film starts with Jane at a psychiatric hospital speaking to a gentleman about the case she was given and begins to tell the story of what happened.

When Jane arrives at the island her car gets run off the road and crashes into the lake. It is caused by two cars that appear to be having a race. While the villagers attempt to drag the lake Sheriff Colin Garrivan (David Wilmot) arrives and speaks to Pastor Ross (Gary Lewis). Jane emerges from the lake and is driven by Colin to an inn where she receives sarcastic remarks by the men of the village. While in her room she hears an electric guitar being played in the room above hers.

The next morning Jane waits in the dining room and notices an old woman stari...

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