Certified Copy (2010)

106 min.
Plot  British writer James Miller (Shimell) is in Tuscany to give a talk to a group about his new book, titled "Certified Copy", which argues that, in art, issues of authenticity are irrelevant, because every reproduction is itself an original and even the original is a copy of another form. A French antiques dealer, whose name is never given (Binoche), attends the event with her 11-year-old son in order to have Miller sign several copies of the book she has purchased, but has to leave early because her son is hungry and becomes a distraction. She leaves her phone number with Miller's translator.

Miller and the woman later meet at her shop, and Miller suggests they get out and see some of the countryside. The woman drives them around aimlessly while Miller signs the books, and they talk about the book's subject, debating the finer points. Miller points out that even the ''Mona Lisa'' is a 'copy' of the woman who modeled for the painting, real or imagined.

They then visit an...



Gianna Giachetti
The café owner


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Copie Conforme
French Original Title
Certified Copy
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